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  • We deny the laws of nature as we make technical summersaults, choreographic moves and breathtaking feats over a skipping rope, moving flag and hoops on fire.
  • This is an art that displays our energy, swiftness, speed and power to form artistic human figures which can be realised by five to eight acrobats.
  • It’s an innovative art performed by one of the best acrobatic group, where they form incredible pyramids on a real bicycle and unicycle.

Workshop & stage

Aeneah .A. Ochaka having taught acrobatics in French school in Nairobi for three years and done workshops in the past years in many italian cities lije Venice, Milan, Rome and in Italian TV programs like..

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  Traditions & Culture

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We are promoting shows of famous and experienced kenyan traditional dance troupes, who over the years have managed to accumulate songs, dances, drum and percussion beats from all the 42 different tribes of Kenya at..

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We are participating in different handicrafts market around Italy to Promote and sell Kenyan Handicrafts at reasonable prices just to cover costs of travel, profits goes back to the crafts-men in Kenya whom we ..

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           Typical dishes

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Kenyan plates vary from one region to the other depending with the sources of food around them as lakes, rivers, sea and agricultural land. Also adopting menus, spices and ingredients from all visitors who ..

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Working relationship


Aeneah A.Ochaka

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In the past years in Kenya and Italy, Aeneah A.Ochaka has managed to work and cooperate with a multitude of national and international companies etc...


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