Asante Kenya Event is a cultural association of people who have been close to the warm of the magic atmosphere of Kenya and its solar, deciding to promote and display the richness of Kenyan traditions and culture.

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    aka "Reckless"
    Based in Spire, Germany
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    aka "Fei"
    Based in Padova, Italy
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    Based in Lugano, Switzerland
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    Based in Torino, as a Circo school's student
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    aka "Nduatts"
    Based in Mestre, Italy
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    aka "Marsha"
    Based in Torino, Italy
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    Aeneah A. Ochaka

    Based in Manchester, England
    Acrobat, Model, Show and Artist Director
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    Based in Asti, Italy

Acrobatics is the performance of extraordinary feats of balance, agility, and motor coordination. It can be found in many of the performing arts, sports (sporting) events, and martial arts. Acrobatics is most often associated with activities that make extensive use of gymnastic elements, such as acro dance, circus, and gymnastics, but many other athletic activities — such as ballet and diving — may also employ acrobatics. Although acrobatics is most commonly associated with human body performance, it may also apply to other types of performance, such as aerobatics.


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Working relationships


Aeneah A.Ochaka

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In the past years in Kenya and Italy, Aeneah A.Ochaka has managed to work and cooperate with a multitude of national and international companies etc...